Dave Jordan Classic

The morning started early for me – I was up at 2:30 AM. My plan was to ride to the race in Central Park from Darien, CT (about 40 miles), then treat the race like a hard training ride. I wanted to work for our sprinter, Greg, as much I as could because he’s been hot lately. My teammates, Justin and Chris, were also going to be racing, and they each have the ability, fitness, and talent to get on the podium at Central Park. I just wanted to get some tough miles in and support my team. I had no intention of trying to win, it just turned out that way.

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Bethel Tour de Kirche

Bethel P/1/2/3 – March 17th 2013

At the start line, I assessed the situation and tried to determine who was racing. This was going to be my first race at Bethel this season, and I felt fortunate to be able to be here at all (kids, family, etc). I also had done a long training ride earlier that morning, so I was feeling really lucky to get some race miles in too.

I was hanging out with my teammates, Dorsch and Tyberg, and a couple friends from the FusionThink team when we lined up. As we all shook and shivered in the 40 degree temps, I asked about Rob Marcinko, because I know he’s both super strong and smart. My buddy Brian Zeroff pointed him out to me, and I made a mental note: if he goes off the front, go with him, because he always makes the break work. Rob is smart, Blaine is not…stay with the smart people.

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