Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial #2

Spring arrived in Coxsackie, New York on Saturday just in time for the second of three Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial road races.  With the sun shining, and little wind at the start, week two proved to be worlds different than the prior Saturday, which featured blustery winds and temps in the 30′s.  Also unlike last weekend (and much of March), I was in this race alone.  It being Easter weekend, many of my teammates had full family schedules.  I would be doing the Cat 3/4 race as a solo effort.

The race started with an eerily calm neutral roll out, and a smooth transition to the race course.  We would be racing four 12-mile circuits on the rolling (and sometimes windy) course, but guys were immediately rolling off the front, trying to create space up the road.  I sat in towards the front of the field and watched the moves happen, and had convinced myself that anything that got away this early was destined to fail.  I was confident that my game plan of waiting and riding along for the first half of the race, then attacking and getting away during the second half was going to work.  As it turns out, my instincts were wrong.

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