Prospect Park

Here we go. The race this past Sunday was in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, at 6:45 AM.  Starting this early is borderline insanity, so I left my house on Saturday night and headed south to stay the night at my teammate Chris DeLuco’s house.  On Sunday morning, the alarm clock went off 4:30 AM.  Ugh.  Chris and I ate a quick breakfast, got dressed, loaded the car, and went to pick up another teammate, Justin Tyberg, at 5:15 AM.  He was on a tight schedule, and squeezing the race in before his daughter’s swim meet.

The three of us headed into the city before dawn, we discussed a little race strategy. I was still upset about the way Johnny Cake #1 ended up for me the day prior, and knew I was going to ride angry this morning. We arrived at the park, unloaded the bikes and gear in the frigid air (temps were in the low 30′s) on Flatbush Avenue, and pedaled slowly over to registration.  We pinned our race numbers on with shaking hands.  As I shivered putting on my jersey, DeLuco pointed out to me that my number was upside down.  That’s what happens when you pin numbers on in the dark.  Wonderful start to the day. I eventually straightened that out, still shivering, and finally went for about a 5-10 min warm-up.

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